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SAFCOIN opens first call centre in South Africa


In SA, most of our investment is in international ICOs and cryptos on international exchanges. While there have been other local crypto opportunities, the majority will always be in competition with the international first-world crypto exchanges and investors,” says Ferreira.

“We have two main goals: for SAFCOIN to be used exclusively in Africa and to make cryptocurrency more accessible and understandable for everyone, thereby increasing crypto awareness and adoption.”

Frequently asked questions

Since the launch of the ICO phase, interested investors have submitted a number of questions related to SAFCOIN. Some of these include:

What makes SAFCOIN exclusive and what problems will it solve?

SAFCOIN will only be available for use in Africa. Our goal is to integrate SAFCOIN into e- commerce and retail platforms in Africa.

“We are building an e-commerce payment system around our exchange, where African consumers can use SAFCOIN to buy products online and the merchants will receive their local currency,” explains Ferreira.


SAFCOIN also aims to solve the problem on money transfer on the continent, which is often a complicated and expensive process.

“We also aim to educate the African population about cryptocurrency and its benefits. Everyone is talking about it but not everyone understands it. There is a wealth of information online but it is often confusing,” says Ferreira.

What makes SAFCOIN better than Bitcoin?

Although it is natural to compare cryptocurrencies, SAFCOIN does not aim to compete with Bitcoin, and does not claim to be better than Bitcoin. What makes SAFCOIN unique is that it is an exclusive African currency, which is a claim that few cryptocurrencies can make.


However, Bitcoin trading will be available on the SAFCOIN exchange, allowing investors to buy SAFCOIN with Bitcoin, and vice versa.

What happens if all 500,000 SAFCOIN tokens are not sold during the ICO?

SAFCOIN’s October launch plans remain on track, regardless of the number of tokens that are sold during the ICO phase. Launch does not depend on all allocated pre-sales tokens being sold.

“The ICO gives South Africans an opportunity to buy tokens before SAFCOIN launches to the rest of the continent. This opportunity will only be available for three months, so I encourage everyone to take it,” says Ferreira.

Source: News24

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