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SADC, AU & COMESA declare Zim’s July 30 elections free & fair #ZimElections2018 #ZimDecides2018

African Union

SADC, AU & COMESA declare Zim’s July 30 elections free & fair. The observer’s mission of the three parties agreed that the elections were conducted in a free and fair manner and there was credibility in everything that transpired. Here are some of the highlights from SADC observer mission’s press conference:



– They were informed by ZEC that alignment of the constitution and Electoral Act is ongoing.
– They take note of those areas that need improvement to further enhance the credibility of elections.
– As part of its mission, the mission met various stakeholders, including political parties, government officials, and those representing various special groups.
– They are guided by the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections, the invitation of observers is a commendable as it helps on the issue of electoral transparency.


SADC Mission says some of the issues raised by the opposition were down to “residual, historical distrust” between stakeholders and electoral officials plus ZEC’s failure to employ a comprehensive communications plan.

Some of the highlights from African Union’s press conference:

African Union

– the elections took place in the peaceful environment, 2018 elections conducted under improved legal regulations, but these regulations have gaps.
– Meetings with political parties were not consistently held, with some parties raising dissatisfaction and mistrust on ZEC’s ability to conduct free and fair elections.
– There was complains about abuse of government resources by the ruling party and distribution of Agriculture inputs, the mission could not confirm this.
– Most of the polling station opened on time except on two which opened 30 minutes because they had been given wrong materials.

Of results recorded so far, the vote breakdown is roughly:

Zanu PF: 1.5 million
MDC Alliance: 950K
Others: 380K

NB this is excluding about 1/4 of all constituencies, including much of Midlands and Harare.

Source: Mbare Timescom

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