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ZEC speaks about the missing V11 forms #ZimElections2018 #ZimDecides2018

Priscilla Chigumba

ZEC speaks about the missing V11 forms. “We Are Not Sure About Burnt V11 Forms,” says ZEC The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has professed ignorance regarding
allegations that police officers burnt V11 forms in Victoria Falls saying the elections body was not sure where that was coming from.

Priscilla Chigumba

Responding to a question at the ZEC Command centre in Harare early Tuesday evening, Commissioner Qhubani Moyo said the elections body had also read about the issue but had announced election results of the said area basing on declared information.

V11 forms contain election results and are posted outside a polling station when vote counting finishes. Said Moyo:
“We have read about the issue of V11 forms in Victoria Falls. After the counting was done the V11 forms were actually displayed outside the polling stations, so we are not sure where that is coming from.


V11 Form

Results in that area were declared and when results are declared the V11 forms would have been signed by all the candidates that are contesting in that election.

One of the results from Victoria Falls is the one that was read by commissioner Chigaru of Hwange West constituency where the result was declared.

So we are not sure exactly what is being referred to regarding the absence of V11 forms outside polling stations.”

Source: Zimetro

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