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SAA flights won’t be coming back with S.Africans stranded abroad


South African Airways (SAA) on Thursday said its evacuation flights schedule for Germany would not be returning with South African citizens.

The national airline agreed to operate charter flights to repatriate German nationals who are currently stuck under the lockdown.

The South African government and the airline were in talks with several embassies to organize the repatriation of some foreign nationals to their home countries.

Tourists, workers, and students who were unable to secure flights when the country went on national lockdown last week were left in limbo.

The first fleet of special flights heading to Munich and Frankfurt are expected to depart on Friday.

“We don’t have any information that indicates that we should be bringing back home any South Africans that may be stranded in Europe. It is a call that would have to be made by our government because we are operating under extraordinary circumstances,” said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

Tlali said South Africans stranded in other countries due to the unprecedented lockdown would have to contact the country’s embassy.

“We are operating under a lockdown, which is prevalent in many parts of the world, so governments would have to have an agreement in terms of allowing flights to be able to land and pick up passengers,” he said.

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