SA troops ready for DRC deployment

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South African troops don’t only guard our country’s borders. They’re instrumental in United Nations peacekeeping operations on the African continent. Port St. Johns in the Eastern Cape mirrors the harsh jungles they face in the Eastern DRC and acts as the perfect training ground. Our soldiers are training to not only protect civilians but also take the fight to the various rebel groups operating in that part of the DRC.

The reality of their objective is it may come with casualties. Troops won’t only be fighting in dense forests. At times, they could potentially be up against an enemy, in a built-up environment. Lives will depend on their knowledge of clearing a building and neutralising any threat.

South African troops

It requires working like a well-oiled machine.”It takes a lot from the troops to build themselves up and train in this environment because it is not easy,” said Colonel William Dixon of the SSO Training Infantry Formation. We expose them to the dangers they will have to come across on the other side,| said Major Tsakani Mthombeni, Jungle Warfare Instructor.

“Physical wise, we push it to the limit, so that when we that side we operate very smoothly. So our training currently in Port St Johns is very extreme. From Port St Johns, the battalion is headed to Bloemfontein in the Free State for a final stint of mission readiness training.

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