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SA singer fights for house in Nigeria

After being stuck in Nigeria a year ago, singer Naledi Boltina has gone back to the country for a reality show titled Celebrity Come Build.

The show involves a group of African women competing for a house they have to build themselves.

Speaking to the publication from Nigeria, she said she’s found a home in that country.

“We’re all staying in-house and going to be shooting for the next six weeks. The winner of the show takes all,” she said.

“I’d really like for my fellow South Africans to support me by voting for me.”

Naledi said she’d ensure she represented Mzansi to the best of her ability.

“I’m here because I want to represent my country well. There are three countries competing in this competition: Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa,” said Naledi.

“I want to be the best because I know I come from a country that’s known for talent.”

She’s grateful to have been chosen to represent Mzansi because not many people get such opportunities.

“I know that sometimes there’s a lot of animosity between us and Nigerians.

“But because I get to spend a lot of time with them I realized they’re not bad at all and are our brothers and sisters. They’ve been nothing but kind to me.”

The singer, who’s rapper iFani’s cousin, urged South Africans to vote for her when the voting session of the game comes so she could be in line to win a house in Nigeria.

-daily sun

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