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These are the Strict rules for international travel under level 1 lockdown

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Passengers arrive to people waving flags and musicians playing music after flying on an Emirates flight from Dubai, one of the first international commercial flights coming into South Africa, at the Cape Town International airport in Cape Town on October 1, 2020. - A first batch of regional and international flights landed in South Africa on October 1, 2020, as borders reopened after a more than six-month shutdown to limit the spread of coronavirus (Photo by RODGER BOSCH / AFP)

For those who want to travel to South Africa, the rules are clear but there is still much confusion about South Africans who want to travel abroad for leisure purposes.

62 countries have no travel restrictions but 65 others are completely closed for leisure travel.

Even though South Africa doesn’t allow UK tourists to come into the country, South Africans are allowed to go to the UK for a holiday if they’re willing to spend 14 days in isolation.

“The UK government took a slightly different approach to South Africa, from the beginning of this crisis, we decided to keep our borders open, and mitigate the risk arising from international travel to people’s health and our quarantine process,” said British High Commissioner, Nigel Casey.

Other countries that require quarantine include Mauritius and New Zealand but the United States is off the table.

Travellers who might want to go to Zanzibar or Brazil don’t need to quarantine or provide a COVID-19 negative test.

The tourism council says all governments must work together to ensure overseas travel is made easier for South Africans, that’s because the global tourism sector needs a boost.

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