List of top 10 countries that are s.e.xually satisfied

S.e.x should not only be a fun exercise but a fulfilling experience. If done frequently and the right buttons are pressed to activate the greatest 0rgasms, it can become the greatest paradise.

Much like money, s.e.x also makes the world go round and various countries do it more often than others.

While s.e.x is the act of human creation, the latest study reveals which countries love to get it on.

According to a Durex global survey, a list was compiled of countries that are s.e.xually satisfied.

According to the survey, 26 000 people (aged 16 and older) surveyed by Durex in 26 countries, less than 50% were said to be fully satisfied with their s.e.x lives.

From its data, Durex determined that achieving 0rgasm is a key driver of s.e.xual satisfaction.

Just 48% of the global survey achieve an 0rgasm during s.e.x.
Globally, twice as many men (64%) as women regularly have 0rgasms.

Here are the top 10 countries that are s.e.xually satisfied:

10. Nigeria
9. Australia
8. India
7. Mexico
6. The Netherlands
5. Greece
4. Brazil
3. Italy
2. Spain
1. Switzerland

-daily sun

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