4 well-known S.e.x mistakes you should avoid

You don’t need to do much to have a perfect s.e.x life as long as you do it safely. Even experienced people make mistakes, which they later regret because of being ignorant or doing things in a hurry. has compiled a list of four common mistakes people often make when they are poking.

Here is what to look out for:

1. Not getting tested for STIs

According to Dr Oluwatosin Goje, it’s always important to disclose your status every time you have s.e.x with someone. You probably know that unprotected s.e.x poses a risk of contracting STIs. Visiting your nearest clinic for regular tests can save you from a lot of s.e.xually transmitted diseases.

2. Using a condom the wrong way

The trick is to put a condom on an erect or hard pen1s. Anything other than that could lead to a condom slipping off during intercourse and posing a risk of getting sick or pregnant.

3. Having [email protected] s.e.x to avoid pregnancy

Condoms are likely to break during [email protected] s.e.x because there’s less natural lubrication and one risks contracting herpes, which is a common STI passed on through [email protected] s.e.x.

4. Not using condoms because you are symptom-free

“Someone might not experience any symptoms or they might have very mild ones when they have an STI. This doesn’t mean that STIs are no big deal. If left untreated, some can lead to an increased risk of HIV,” Dr Goje said.

-daily sun

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