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Prophet’s s.e.x medicine is doing wonders, got lovers doing too much under level 2 lockdown

Thokoza Ntibane

Lovers couldn’t visit each other because of lockdown restrictions. And they complained they were dying of hunger as they couldn’t poke.

But things have changed, now that the country has moved to level 2 and imbiza sellers are reaping the rewards.

Imbiza seller Wiseman Dlamini said: “People who bought imbiza during lockdown were mostly married couples, but nyatsis are now back in the game.”

Wiseman said his imbiza was a number one seller in Piet Retief in Mpumalanga.

“A man can go all night when he drinks this imbiza.

“The 4-5 will still want more in the morning,” he said.

He said he hated lazy men and that’s why he made this imbiza.

“This is another way to build homes and end divorce. A s.e.xually-satisfied woman won’t cheat on you,” he said.

Wiseman, who’s also a prophet, said he sold the imbiza for R100.

“I get most of the herbs from Swaziland,” he said.

Another imbiza seller, Thokoza Ntibane from Tsakane, said: “It’s like people were waiting for lockdown restrictions to be eased so they can poke.”

She said she also got her herbs from Swaziland and Mozambique.

“Men like it because it’s strong,” she said.

Imbiza user Julius Dlomo (45) said: “I couldn’t see my lover during lockdown. The reason I’m buying imbiza this much is because I want to make up for all the lost time.”

Another user, Xolani Xaba (60), said: “I’m old, but I feel young again when I drink the prophet’s imbiza.”

Daily Sun spoke to some happy clients, who said they couldn’t wait to poke again.

Nonzuzo Shoba (36) said she was dating a married man and wasn’t ashamed.

“Sharing is caring. During lockdown I didn’t get time to see him.

“He spent a lot of time with his wife, but now that we are on level 2 he’s all mine.”

She said she enjoyed the steamy s.e.x they were having thanks to imbiza.

A 40-year-old from Tsakane told Daily Sun: “I’ve been starving.

Now that I see my man every day we’re using this opportunity to make up for lost time and to be ahead of schedule before the president decides that we[‘re going back to intense lockdown levels.

“When that happens I want to be full for the next six months.”

-Daily Sun

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