These are top 5 s.e.x festivals in the world

Just like money makes the world go round, so does having s.e.x. While a lot has been said about the benefits of having regular s.e.x, we often forget that having s.e.x should be fun and must be treated as a special event.

Speaking of events, there are global s.e.x promoters who have heeded the call and have made s.e.x an actual event.

According to event magazine Scoop-Whoop, there are 10 big s.e.x festivals in the world.

Let’s take a look at the top five s.e.x festivals and events in the world:

1. Kinky Copenhagen (Denmark)

A festival with a focus on kink, you’ll find all manner of non-conformity here.

There’s more latex than you can handle, and whips cracking in every corner.

2. Sexpo (South Africa and Australia)

This blast of a fest features performers from all aspects of adult entertainment, including burlesque, male and female exotic dancing and p0rn0graphy. It also involves a focus on broadening the world’s s.e.xual horizons.

3. Kutemajrvi S.e.x Festival (Finland)

Taking place in a beautiful little village, this festival features lectures on s.e.x, a s.e.x toy expo, str!p shows, exotic dancers and the Aphrodite competition, a n#de beauty pageant.

4. Love Parade (Berlin, Germany)

Technically, this is the largest techno festival in the world. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a s.e.x festival.

5. Erotica (London)

Arguably the biggest s.e.x festival in the whole world, this trade show has areas like an erotic jewellery boutique. 50 to 100 000 people show up every year, including celebrities.

-daily sun

In other news – Basetsana Kumalo’s husband Romeo allegedly in s.e.x scandal with top gay celebrity

It was like a TV drama series this week at the Randburg magistrate’s court in Joburg when self-proclaimed television mogul and former Miss South Africa Basetsana Kumalo and her husband Romeo appeared as complainants in their case against author Jackie Phamotse.

Basetsana Kumalo and Romeo

Phamotse faces two charges of crimen injuria over a tweet she posted on June 5, 2018 alleging that she overheard a TV mogul and former Miss South Africa pleading with one of her friends, Learn More

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