Video: 2 SA men caught having s.e.x behind wall

Video: 2 SA men caught having s.e.x behind wall! A strange incident has left many baffled in South Africa after two men were caught having se_x behind a garden wall at the company’s premises.

The incident caught on camera shows the two men busy munching with pants down.

The embarrassed top guy moved away saying, “this is a big story”.

Watch the video:

In other news – Shocking reports emerge: Ginimbi had bought his coffin a week before his death – Photo

There are a lot of reports making rounds on social media surrounding the death of the socialite Ginimbi who died yesterday in a freak car crash. In a shocking report that has left a lot of tongues wagging, it is being said Ginimbi had bought his personal coffin a week before he died.

Ginimbi coffin

Apparently, in one of his spare bedrooms, a coffin was found which he had bought for himself. Learn More

More news – Ginimbi accident victim Moana leaves behind her beautiful daughter Tyra – Photos

For many people, it came as a surprise to learn that the fitness bunny was actually a mother of one. She had a beautiful daughter named Tyra who was staying at her mother’s house with her young sister who we know as Tatts.

Moana and daughter Tyra

Her real name Mitchelle Moana Amuli, she was the second daughter of Mr Ishamel Amuli who said he last saw his daughter early last year and was distressed and worried about her partying behaviour. Learn More

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