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Shocking reports emerge: Ginimbi had bought his coffin a week before his death – Photo

There are a lot of reports making rounds on social media surrounding the death of the socialite Ginimbi who died yesterday in a freak car crash. In a shocking report that has left a lot of tongues wagging, it is being said Ginimbi had bought his personal coffin a week before he died. Apparently, in one of his spare bedrooms, a coffin was found which he had bought for himself.

The accident also claimed the lives of three other people including the popular fitness bunny and video vixen babe Mitchelle Amuli popularly known as Moana.

The accident took place in Borrowdale and both victims died on the spot. However, rumours are that his father Mr Kadungure does not look saddened at all by the death of his son, instead, he is actually happy.

A Facebook post that is making rounds on social media is also claiming that Ginimbi had bought a coffin for himself, 7 days ago.

The post reads:

Go well boss marwadzisa😭😭😭😭Coffin iro rawanikwa muMansion maGinimbi muspare aitozviziva zverufu rwake kare hanzi ati anoda kuvigirwa pamuchenjere padhuze nepakavigirwa mai vake. Kutaurwa kwazvo zvikunzi Baba vaGinimbi vatofara instead yekuchema😭😭😭“.

Meaning “Go well boss we are heartbroken, that coffin has been found in Ginimbi’s mansion in the spare bedroom, he knew about his death, he said he wanted to be buried next to his mother.”

Ginimbi coffin

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The fitness bunny was one of the 4 who died in Ginimbi’s car accident that took place in the early hours of today. The bunny was coming from her birthday celebrations which were held at Ginimbi’s night club, The dream.


The accident was a horrible one and she Moana and the other two friends of hers died a painful death as they burnt to death after the car exploded whilst trapped inside. Learn More

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