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Robber loses 4-5 after mob attack


When the eight men returned to the tavern for more, one of them was caught and a mob attacked him with all manner of weapons. The gang came in five bakkies and filled them to the brim with stolen booze and cigarettes before fleeing.

But they wanted to make an example of him before killing him. So the mob chopped off his 4-5! His friends fled Matlametlong, near Mogwase in North West, in the early hours of Friday morning.


Resident Motla Siko (31) said the man begged for mercy, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. “He promised to reveal his friends’ identity, but that didn’t work,” she said.

“He could see he wasn’t going to come out of the situation alive and didn’t want to die alone. “He was prepared to take the residents to his friends. It was heartbreaking.

“The residents beat him with anything they could lay their hands on. Stones, sticks and kicks rained down on him.”

Residents who begged for the man’s life to be spared were threatened. “They were told to take the beating on his behalf.”

Daily Sun tried in vain to contact the tavern owner. North West police spokesman Captain Sam Tselanyane said a murder case was opened but no one had been arrested.

Source: Daily Sun