Rick Ross Takes Shot At DJ Envy As Radio Host Hit With Multiple Real Estate Lawsuits

Rick Ross‘ beef with DJ Envy has been brought to a whole new level now that The Breakfast Club co-host is facing a litany of real estate lawsuits alleging fraudulent behavior. According to The Real Deal, Envy and two real estate investors — Cesar and Jennifer Pina — are facing lawsuits totaling $1.5million from Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini, who are alleging that the trio defrauded them out of money for an apartment complex project that never materialized.

Rick Ross

Barone and Martini are seeking compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages.

What’s more, Barone and Martini are alleging that DJ Envy purchased a series of properties in Paterson, NJ, undervalued them, then fixed and flipped them or rented them out.

“Social media posts tipped Barone off to allegations that DJ Envy and the Pinas were running a Ponzi scheme,” reported the outlet. “Neither investor has been paid back by the Pinas, who have an existing social media profile with content related to past flipping projects.”

Rick Ross caught wind of these pending lawsuits and took to the comments section of Neighbourhood Talk Instagram post to slice Envy personally. “Time to tattoo that hairline too,” he snarled on Friday (July 28).

Rick Ross

Check out Rozay’s comments below:

Back in May, Cesar Pina took to Instagram to address the allegations, posting a lengthy message maintaining DJ Envy’s innocence.

“It’s not a secret that my relationship with DJ Envy extends beyond the turntables and into the real estate market,” he wrote. “However, it’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question.”

He added: “I’m sorry to my wife, my family, DJ Envy, and Envy’s entire family. I love you guys and I’m sorry that individuals with nothing to lose are trying to bring you down.”

Rick Ross

Clearly, Rick Ross and DJ Envy’s beef transcends their initial car show brouhaha, which started back in May when the MMG mogul took a swipe at the Breakfast Club co-host during his interview on Drink Champs, declaring he was “never on my level” when it comes to hosting car shows.

After light jabs were exchanged, things quickly became personal when Rick Ross dragged DJ Envy’s family into the feud, requesting he and his girlfriend and children clean his swimming pool.

Envy fired back by donning a police uniform and doing an “Officer Ricky” impression on The Breakfast Club, taking shots at Ross’ past stint as a correctional officer, which has remained a contentious point of discussion throughout his career.

Rick Ross

Things escalated when Gunplay put DJ Envy on blast after posting a phone conversation where the former MMG rapper demanded an apology from the radio host for bringing up his newborn daughter’s GoFundMe page.

While engaging in his car show feud with Rick Ross, Envy condemned Rozay for not publicly supporting Gunplay’s GoFundMe or helping take care of his child’s medical bills following her emergency heart surgery.

“Why are you talking crazy about me my brother?” Gunplay pressed Envy during the call. “What I had to do with anything, and my wife posting a GoFundMe? My baby was sick. She had a heart defect. That has nothing to do with cars. You know I’ll slap the shit out of you, boy! Envy, for real, you know I’ll slap the shit out of you, right?”

Rick Ross

Envy responded: “We can fight, but that’s not the reason I’m saying that… I wasn’t trying to disrespect you. I wasn’t talking about your daughter. If you feel like you were disrespected, I’m talking to you like a man. I would never. If you feel I did, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention.”

Source – HipHopDx

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