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Angry residents kill pitbulls that mauled 4-year-old boy to death

Residents were fuming after four-year-old Milani Keke was mauled to death by two pit bulls in Gugulethu, Cape Town, on 3 January.

The little boy was laid to rest at Maitland Cemetery on Sunday (10 January), a day before his fifth birthday.

Soon after the incident, the dogs were impounded.

Law Enforcement spokesman Wayne Dayson said the animals were impounded in terms of the Animal By-Law.

He said the dogs were then euthanized because of the seriousness of the injuries, the temperament of the dogs as well as the extent and nature of the attack.

Milani’s family members said they are happy the dogs were killed even though that will not bring him back.

“We don’t want to talk about this anymore. We just want to mourn our child. If they were killed, then it is fine.

“But we are hurt and trying to accept what has happened,” said a family member.

Resident Luyanda Mcoki (34) said: “We were worried about those dogs because we thought the owner will get them back. Yes, the kid won’t come back but they will not kill another child again.”

He said this must be a lesson to all pit bulls owners to make sure their yards are safe or they shouldn’t own them, especially ekasi.

Another resident said: “People who own pit bulls always say they have them for protection against criminals but I have never heard about pit bulls killing criminals. They always kill innocent people.”

-daily sun

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