Replacement PS5 faceplate company says Sony threatened to sue them

Dbrand, a device customisation company that infamously told Sony to “go ahead, sue us” has said that Sony has threatened to sue them.  In a Reddit post, spotted by Eurogamer, titled “Darkplates are dead. Thanks, Sony”, the company revealed some of the details of their correspondence with Sony and offered counterarguments about their rights to produce the dark faceplates.

In a cease and desist letter, lawyers representing Sony accuse the company of infringing on their copyright, as well as counterfeiting Sony’s products.

In the letter, Sony’s lawyers assert that: “Affixing a counterfeit version of our client’s logo is certain to cause consumers to mistakenly believe that dbrand’s product was produced by, licensed by or otherwise affiliated with SIE and, as a result, constitutes a blatant infringement of SIE’s rights under trademark and copyright law in the PlayStation Family Mark.”

Later in the letter, Sony claim that Dbrands spin on the PlayStation symbols infringement upon their copyright.

“Indeed, dbrand concedes that this design is an ‘apocalyptic spin on’ SIE’s protected trademark and acknowledges that the PlayStation Shapes Logo is both ‘familiar’ to dbrand’s customer base and sufficiently famous to be called ‘classic PlayStation button shapes’.

In response to this allegation, in the post, which inexplicably ends with Dbrand referring to the Japanese gaming giant as terrorists, the company brings up the recent Netflix mega-hit Squid Game as a means to defend themselves, saying: “Sony believes our distinctive & original ‘Illuminati Pyramid / Radiation Hazard / Skull & Crossbones / Angry Robot Head’ symbols, engraved inside the Darkplates, infringe on their trademarked button shapes? How the fuck did Squid Game get away with it.

Source: Verge

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