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Media personality Refilwe Modiselle educates Mzansi on albinism

Refilwe Modiselle has asked people to stop calling people living with albinism “albinos”.

The White Gold actress commented on a post by journalist Mzilikazi Wa Afrika, where he posted a photo of people living with albinism with the hashtag #StopAlbinoKillings. Refilwe asked him to not call them albinos because the term was insulting.

She said the term was used for plants and animals.

“Please can I kindly correct you in not calling people living with albinism as albinos. The correct way is person/people living with albinism as albino is actually very derogatory. A term I’ve had to educate people on for years to stop using. Albino is likened to plants and animals.”

She said the term was used to dehumanise people and it was not who they were as it was just a condition.

“Albino” was used to dehumanise people with albinism, originally used for plants and animals.

“Also it’s a condition, not who we are! Albino has had a lot of stigma attached to it which needs eradication. We don’t say a person is cancer or diabetes or HIV. You live with a condition,” wrote Refilwe.

The media personality, who refers to herself as Africa’s first model with albinism, said her condition did not make the star that people know and love.

“My albinism didn’t make me. Sure, it’s a part of what you see on the outside. It didn’t define who Refilwe is as a soul. I had to make a conscious decision to be intentional in who I am and what I wanted to accomplish for my life. I saw Refilwe first before my skin colour,” she said.


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