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Raymond Zondo concludes hearings for the year, but nowhere near end of witness list

Raymond Zondo

The state capture commission has on Friday concluded its public hearings for this year, but Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is nowhere near the end of a list of witnesses.

The last witness for this year was former Eskom head of generation Matshela Koko but he too is expected back in the new year.

Another anticipated witness is former President Jacob Zuma who didn’t oppose the commission’s appeal to the Constitutional Court compelling him to appear and not leave until he is excused by the chair.

The commission wants him to appear in January and February.

But for now, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is taking a break: “This is the last hearing of the commission this year. The next hearing will be next year in January and the date will be announced.”

On Friday, Koko and his legal team said the state capture commission should obtain cell phone records of the people that claim he met them at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg to discuss the utility’s business to prove that it was not true.

Koko maintains he had no contact with Gupta-linked businessman Salim Essa, didn’t know about suspensions at Eskom or tell anyone about them.

He claimed all the witnesses were conspiring against him.

“Go and employ whatever intelligence, you will not find my contact with Mr Essa either telephonically or on email. Ms Daniels met Mr Essa on the 10th, the evidence shows that I cannot carry that monkey.”

Koko said he did not discuss Eskom-related suspensions with the utility’s former head of legal Suzanne Daniels, another former senior executive Abram Masango and Essa at Melrose Arch or offer anyone acting positions for that matter.

His lawyer Frans Barri: “Cell phone companies know where calls are received and where they are made from because they know which towers have been activated. So, if somebody said I was at Melrose Arch but it then appears he was on his way to Witbank, you can know about that.”

Koko was the last witness for this year, but he is expected back next year.


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