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Ravensmead CPF wants more info on lockdown rules to prevent transgressions

SANDF patrol during Lockdown

The Ravensmead community policing forum said that more education about the lockdown was needed to prevent further transgressions.

Police watchdog Ipid is investigating the death of a man who lived in a nearby community. They’re trying to find out if police misconduct led to the Petrus Miggels’ death.

The forum’s Zelda Trantraal said police caught the man with alcohol shortly before he died.

“This guy was on the road and he went to a tavern here and he had some alcohol that they found on him, however, people are feeling that the police, if they used any brutality on him, that should not have been the case.”

She said that authorities needed to educate the public about what the lockdown rules were.

“We wrote to the station commander and asked if there can be more police patrols. People are complaining that they don’t see a lot of patrols but with these patrols, we would want police to loud hail and to inform people to go into their houses.”

No arrests have been made in connection to Miggels’ death.

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Actress, TV Entrepreneur and rapper Boity Thulo‘s army had to come to her defense after she got dragged for going grocery shopping this past weekend during the national lockdown implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Boity Thulo

Boity decided to share a bit about her shopping experience on Twitter to help show people how different shopping is under the lockdown. continue reading

Source: EWN