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Rasta honors Zola 7 whilst he’s still alive – Photo

When it comes to Zola 7, a number of stars have been accused of “clout-chasing” on his recent status.

The muso and former TV presenter has been “down and out” after claims he’s encountered financial woes. He’s also experiencing poor health after being diagnosed with epilepsy in recent years.

But Rasta an artist known for his colourful celebrity creations – wants South Africans to know that his respect and admiration for Zola 7 is real.Rasta honors Zola 7-

This, after the infamous artist unveiled three portraits of the living legend down throughout the years.

He said: “The colours are inspired by Swaziland. The lit match means he will definitely come back. We have faith in him as his songs have been a pillar [of strength] and motivated us. I have cassettes of Zola from way back. He inspired me.”

Rasta then asked South Africans to continue to show Zola 7 love.

He continued: “He’s now going through all hardships. It is also time now to forgive and forget whatever he did wrong. It’s like he’s punished. If we don’t forgive, we will find our legends taking their lives. It’s not easy when you’re on top and fall. You definitely need support”.

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