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The life and times of Rashied Staggie

Rashied Staggie

Feared but also revered. Rashied Staggie died in a hail of bullets in a car parked outside his house last week Friday. The Staggie twins formed one of Cape Town’s most notorious gangs, in Manenberg more than 40 years ago.

As the leaders of the Hard Livings – they plied their trade of running drugs, guns and illicit goods – luring young, hopeless youths into the fold.

It’s believed at least 30 gangs operate in the city including the Americans, the 28s, the Dixie Boys, the Sexy Boys, and the Junky Funky Kids.

Many started out as corner street gangs – expanding across the city from Athlone to Belhar as communities were displaced by apartheid laws.

Today their activities range from drug running and trading – to abalone poaching and protection rackets.

Many innocent people – often children – die in the crossfire of an unrelenting turf war.

“To leave the family is the hardest thing to do. You pay with your life or someone else pays the price for you. You often get initiated into a gang by spilling someone’s blood or doing something that puts you at risk and provides the gang with an opportunity to have leverage over you,” adds Eldred de Klerk of the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligence.

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While Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi has been celebrated for championing natural beauty, Miss World SA Sasha-Lee Olivier has been encouraging women to love their curves. Earlier this year, Olivier made history as one of the first “plus-sized” models to make it into the Miss SA pageant’s top 16.

Sasha-Lee Olivier and Zozibini Tunzi

At the time a fierce debate raged on social media as to whether the Joburg-born beauty, who is a size 36, was actually voluptuous enough to warrant the label – to which she responded. continue reading

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