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Video: American rapper Quavo and ex-girlfriend Saweetie caught on camera fighting inside an elevator

quavo and saweetie in elevator

A physical altercation in an elevator between former power couple US rapper Quavo and singer Saweetie has left the TL chaotic.

Video footage obtained by TMZ set the TL ablaze as it showed the pair physically fighting. The tabloid reported the fight apparently happened last year in Saweetie’s apartment building.

Saweetie and Quavo, who had been dating for two years, recently announced their split.

In the 90 second clip, Saweetie could be seen swinging at Quavo and striking him in the face before throwing a suitcase out of the elevator. The Migos member could then be seen dragging his then-girlfriend into the elevator, together with the suitcases. and falling on top of her.

Watch the video below:

Twitter was split by the video. While some social media users labelled the rapper “abusive and trash”, others focused on the fact that Saweetie was seen swinging at Quavo in the video.

Some tweeps weren’t interested in the video, considering that Quavo and Saweetie had already broken up. Of course there were those who were only there to serve memes and gifs about the situation, as well as make Solange Knowles references.

Here are some of the reactions below:

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