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Ralph Stanfield called DJ Sumbody’s killer

DJ Sumbody’s business, Ayepyep Lifestyle; Cape Town is forced to shut down following threats from 28 gang leader Ralph Stanfield. Ralph’s threat on the business made headlines weeks ago, as it was revealed that Sumbody’s business partner, Kagiso Setsetse opened a case against the gang leader.

“I did not take it lightly as I have heard horrifying stories about him, some of which he told me himself about. Losing my business partner in that dreadful manner created a lot of trauma and anxiety for my family and me.

DJ Sumbody’

It is no secret that businessmen are not safe in our country,” Kagiso said while talking about death threats received from Ralph.



The gang leader reportedly demanded shares from the business and further threatened the staff of Ayepyep, which led to the shutdown of the company.

DJ Sumbody



However, the revelation got some social media users pointing fingers at Ralph Stanfield, and accusing him of killing DJ Sumbody in November 2022. DJ Sumbody was brutally killed alongside the people in his car last year.

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