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Life in Marikana has never been the same

Marikana deaths

Some of the youth in Marikana say the day of the massacre will forever be stained in their minds. Some of them feel left behind, without a glimmer of hope of a better future as poverty continues to grip the community.

As the sun shines here, the darkest day in this community’s history is always remembered. Senamile Dlamini was only 10 years old on 16 August 2012.

She says the days leading up to the massacre, were just as scary. But on the day itself, was like a war zone.

Marikana massacre

I remember my father coming home, telling us that there shooting miners at the koppie,” she recalled.

We ran inside and hid under the beds. There were helicopters everywhere and water canons driving through the streets, we could not play. She says at home and at school, they never speak about that day. Senamile says life in Marikana has never been the same.

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