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The real truth about Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi’s relationship

The former couple, Quinton Jones and Minnie Dlamini served some really hot couple goals and we were all convinced it was meant to be.

But before the Jones (Minnie and Quinton Jones) existed, there existed a Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi- a romance that many people seem to have forgotten about.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and discuss what exactly went down between Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi, as well as a glance at the rumours making rounds about the two ex-lovers.

Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi’s relationship

Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi

It appears that the former American footballer- Quinton Jones has always had a thing for beautiful Mzansi women and he knows how to win the hearts of the crème de la crème.

Before he dated and ultimately married Minnie Dlamini, Quinton Jones was reportedly Pearl Thusi’s sweetheart.

Although it is well known that Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi were once an item, details about their relationship are scarce. It is unclear when and how the two met, how long they dated or why they ultimately separated.

There have been several speculations surrounding Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi’s relationship with a few even claiming that Quinton dumped Pearl Thusi for Minnie and others suggesting that Minnie Dlamini allegedly “stole” Quinton from Pearl. Since all the parties involved have not commented on the relationship, we shall continue treating the stories as nothing more than speculations.

Did Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi get back together after the Jones divorce?

Shortly after Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones announced that their four-year marriage had ended, all sorts of rumours and speculations emerged once again concerning the reasons for the couple’s breakup.

Some spun the narrative even further and reported that Quinton Jones and Pearl Thusi had gotten back together.

Of course, none of the rumours had any backing evidence and neither Quinton nor Pearl wasted their time in addressing the rumour.

Pearl Thusi and Minnie Dlamini’s relationship

Both Pearl Thusi and Minnie Dlamini are big names in the entertainment industry in their respective rights and their individual successes have brought both of them awards and a mass of fans. But are the two beautiful media personalities friends?

Minnie and Pearl might not have a tight bond going on but the two have crossed paths in their work and at one point they both co-hosted PSL Awards.

Shortly after announcing her divorce to Quinton, controversial YouTuber- Slik Talk took a jab at Minnie Dlamini, saying that he always knew that her marriage wouldn’t work because she “was only in it for the money.”

Pearl Thusi

Standing up for Minnie, Pearl took to Twitter to slam Slik Talk saying that she thought he had been quiet because he was waiting for his wounds to heal. This was in reference to him losing a boxing match to Cassper Nyovest.


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