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Chaos as Thami Ndlala almost shot over the Hotel he bought Lerato Kganyago on Valentine’s Day

Mzansi businessman, Thami Ndlala broke the internet when he bought his wife LKG a boutique hotel. But the deal has gone sour and a legal battle with allegations of harassment, lies, and demands of millions of rands has broken out.

What started off as a gift for his wife, is turning into a massive bout of legal mug-slinging!

Businessman Ndlala bought the property last year and broke the internet when he announced in February that it was a Valentine’s gift for his wife, Metro FM DJ Lerato “LKG” Kganyago.

Ndlala parted with a whopping R8 million for the property but he is now accused of having breached the agreement after he allegedly evicted some of the occupants of the property.

According to court papers seen by the publication, Ndlala was supposed to pay R2 million for goods and furniture in the house as part of the deal. However, until the amount was paid, the occupants were to remain in the property.

Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala ❤️

The legal battle resulted in a physical confrontation in which Ndlala opened a case of pointing of a firearm against one of the sellers, John Assor. The case was later dismissed in court.

Speaking to the People’s Paper yesterday, Ndlala said he was aware of that part of the agreement but would not pay for furniture and goods he had never seen.

He said he didn’t pay the R2 million because he was never given the list of the goods for which they wanted him to pay.

He accused the sellers of being greedy and wanted to take advantage of his kindness.

After the sellers slapped him with legal papers, Ndlala responded and is counter-suing for R3 million, saying he lost income as he could not do business on the premises due to the legal battle.

The papers claim that Ndlala failed to pay the R2 million.

“The first defendant was required to make payment of R2 000 000 by 30 September 2021,” say the papers.

Because Ndlala failed to make the payment, the occupants of the property were entitled to stay and occupy the property.

“On 22 September 2021, the transfer of the property was completed and payment of the R8 million was made to the first plaintiff by the first defendant,” said the paper confirming that the initial amount was paid.

The court papers, however, claimed that the security personnel hired by Ndlala were instructed to harass the occupants.

“The defendant instructed construction workers to cut down the palisade fencing on the border of the property and number 12 on Hillel Avenue, leaving the electric fence around the property compromised,” say the papers.

In his responding affidavit, Ndlala wrote: “As a result of the first plaintiff’s wrongful and intentional defamation of the defendants, the defendants have been damaged in their good name and reputation and has suffered damages in the amount of R3 000 000.”

Phia Van der Spuy, one of the sellers, refutes Ndlala’s claims that he was not given the list of the goods and property.

-daily sun

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