Home Entertainment The Queen Actress Rami Chuene was almost hijacked

The Queen Actress Rami Chuene was almost hijacked

Rami Chuene

Actress Rami Chuene narrowly avoided being hijacked and took to social media to share the ordeal. The celeb escaped unharmed thanks to two motorists who alerted her to the impending attack.

Rami Chuene has shared how she was almost hijacked while travelling in Tembisa over the festive season. The actress shared the tale on social media, telling her followers how the whole thing went down: “Now that I’m calmer, a little over two hours ago I was almost hijacked. To the car that was on my right, thank you for hooting like your life depended on it. To the car behind me, thank you for almost running the culprits over.

While most would have been terrified Chuene was still brave enough to take on her would-be hijackers: “Haai, you know adrenaline? I still opened my window and screamed ‘FOTSEK!’ Now adrenaline has left, diarrhea has entered.

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