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Python falls from ceiling during staff meeting: Video

A five-kilogram python has crashed through the ceiling at a bank in southern China’s Nanning city, frightening staff during a meeting.

The 1.5-metre-long intruder unexpectedly entered the Xin Cheng branch of China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, before it dropped down between two employees.

Python fall

Surveillance video footage showed staff fleeing in all directions as the python slithered across the floor. It eventually took a rest under a couch, showing little interest in opening a new account.

The staff quickly called 110 — the equivalent of triple zero in Australia — and local public security officers and workers from a nearby wildlife protection station soon arrived at the scene.

Professional tools were used to carefully capture the rogue reptile, which was then placed in a transparent bag.

Python captured

The python is non-venomous, and it was handed over to the region’s Wildlife Rescue Research and Epidemic Monitoring Centre for disposal, according to officers from the centre.

Animal protectors said it was possible the python may have been reared by someone nearby and believed it was hunting for food when it fell into the bank’s interior.

Remarkably, the same branch had been visited by another snake last year. The Xin Cheng branch confirmed the incident but declined to comment further.

Watch video below:

Source: Daily Sun

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