Warning to women who wash their [email protected] with lemon – Doctors reveal scary consequences

Doctors have warned women not to wash their [email protected] with lemon!

Campaigners in Tanzania urged women to do away with the act of washing their [email protected] with lemon, which some claimed could get rid of bad smell and even help “avoid pregnancy”.

According to The Irish Sun, other advocates who followed the trend said lemon leaves could help leave the [email protected] smelling fresh.

In the article, Dr Sarah Jarvis, the clinical director of, cautioned that this practice could cause a lot of issues.

“It’s a terrible idea to wash your [email protected] with lemon juice. Lemon juice is highly acidic, which can damage the delicate lining of your [email protected],” Dr Jarvis said.

She added that women who washed their [email protected] with lemon risked having irritation and pain during s.e.x.

“But it can also disrupt the pH balance of your [email protected] And doing this can make you prone to [email protected] infections such as thrush and bacterial [email protected]

Echoing the same message, co-founder of HANX Dr Sarah Welsh said: “Lemon juice does not stop pregnancy. The only way to do this safely and effectively is to see a healthcare professional for medical or surgical management.”

Meanwhile, gynaecologist Dr Shree Datta advised women to go back to the basics.

“She said nothing beats warm water and drying gently with a soft towel,” the article read.

-daily sun

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