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Pulane Lenkoe: Be your own body goals…B00TY squats on: Pics & Videos

Pulane Lenkoe

Pulane Lenkoe: Be your own body goals…B00TY squats on.  She loves to stay healthy and fit, hence she loves to sweat it out in the gym. She is one of the first fitness bunnies to post their gym pictures on social media. The likes of Sbahle Mpisane, Minnie Mlungwana became popular after Pulane had started posting her fitness pictures on her social media. Although she is not that popular she loves her gym very much.

Pulane Lenkoe is one of the most popular Instagram baddies in South Africa, the Mzansi beauty first gained notoriety when her n#de pictures were leaked online by an ex and since then, she has managed to solidify herself as a brand. Pulane Lenkoe is no stranger to hitting the gym and working on crafting her body.

She is a hard worker and l think with her pictures she posts on her Instagram account we can all agree to that. She likes to keep fit and as always she serves body goals and as we are in the summer season it’s very important to take some fitness notes from her to stay fit and continue to serve those body goals.

She posted her latest b00ty session and we thought it would be of use to reshare the pictures with you, her fans we figured out that you might learn one or two things from her body work out session. Check the pictures below…

Pulane Lenkoe

Be your own body goals…booty squats on💯💯💯😝✌🏽

Pulane Lenkoe

This is how you plan for December…

Pulane Lenkoe

Tell me who doesn’t like greatness?

Pulane Lenkoe

In the mood…

Check this video here, as she shows off her B00TY…

And this is how you get to have B00TY like that…