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Uzalo actor bullied for using public transport

One of Uzalo’s interesting characters, Screwdriver is bitter at people calling him names whenever they see him walking the streets.

Simosibucayi Buthelezi who plays a low-life character on the show has revealed that he wasn’t happy with fans assuming his real life was as messed up as his character on the show.

Simosibucayi was born and raised in the same hometown KwaMashu, North of Durban where the show storyline is set.

Apart from being bullied for his unique name which loosely translates to “an obvious bad situation”, Buthelezi has also revealed that people have started mocking his way of life too.

imosibucayi Buthelezi (Screwdriver)

“I don’t have a car so I use public transport to travel. Sometimes when I get into a taxi, some people throw painful remarks at me. Some laugh at me. They don’t understand that ngisahlanganisa (I’m still building my life) and at this point I don’t have things that show I’m working. Some go as far as accusing me of misusing my salary because I appear on TV but don’t live a high life,” he told the media.

He added that even kids in his neighbourhood no longer have respect for him.

“They (children) think I’m as young as them. They don’t know that out of Uzalo, I’m not Screwdriver. I’m Simosibucayi,” said Buthelezi adding that he many people do not know that he was a family man and a father of two beautiful girls, hence, he requests his fans to give him respect he deserves.

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