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Prominent lawyer survives alleged assassination attempt


Prominent criminal lawyer has survived an alleged assassination attempt at his home in Cape Town on Thursday.

police officers

According to police at the scene, several shots were fired at the lawyer after 7am. The criminal lawyer says he was shot at in his garage. Neighbours say they heard four gunshots.

In other news – Twitter over the moon that Bobby is finally fired on #BoityBET

After a full season of beating around the bush, Boity Thulo finally got the balls to fire her assistant Bobby Blanco, and the streets are ecstatic! All season long fans of Boity’s reality show watched as Bobby’s “incompetence” sabotaged Boity. They never truly understood why she kept giving him second chances.

Boity Thulo

After Wednesday’s episode, the rapper finally confirmed to her fans that Bobby is no longer working for her. Read more

Source: eNCA