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Twitter over the moon that Bobby is finally fired on #BoityBET

Boity Thulo

After a full season of beating around the bush, Boity Thulo finally got the balls to fire her assistant Bobby Blanco, and the streets are ecstatic! All season long fans of Boity’s reality show watched as Bobby’s “incompetence” sabotaged Boity. They never truly understood why she kept giving him second chances.

Boity Thulo

After Wednesday’s episode, the rapper finally confirmed to her fans that Bobby is no longer working for her.

While some have always maintained that it was Bobby who was the actual life of the reality show, many were truly relieved to hear that Boity now really owns her throne. The meme celebration were already underway on the TL.

Plus, all those people who were convinced that the show would be a bore without Bobby and his dramatic self, had no choice but to stan as Boity’s mom took “cool mom” to a brand new level.

Typically, black moms are only cool to a certain extend. They might go shopping with you and talk about your boyfriend and maybe even drink a glass of wine with you (when you are the right age of course). However, they hardly ever openly talk about wanting to get some cannabis and get lifted!

Yep! Modiehi went to look for some weed on last night’s episode.

In other news – Somizi sanitises his whole body while shopping

We all know that Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung is over the top and let’s be honest, nobody does being over the top better than he does. This week the star showed us one more time why we enjoy his exaggerated personality when he posted a video of himself not just shopping but sanitising his body too.


In what could be an attempt to make sure his followers continue good hygiene when out shopping for essentials, Somizi said, “so I am at Woolies and I just bought myself stuff, you know, essentials like toilet paper and stuff like that”. Read more

Source: Timeslive