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Photos: Prison warder caught red-handed with bags of dagga wrapped around his waist

Tswelopele Prison warder caught smuggling weed

Prison, or so the authorities say, is a place where inmates go to become better people . . . to respect the law. But to some prison warders the law is just something that needs to be broken.


The warder was bust red-handed at Tswelopele Prison in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

Instead of making sure inmates don’t have access to drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances as they go through the rehabilitation process, this prison warder did the opposite.

Instead of making sure that families and friends don’t bring unwanted substances during prison visits, he was doing the opposite.

The incident was confirmed by the correctional services department that the man was caught by colleagues on 9 September.

As he was being pinned to the ground the bags around his body became visible.

Tswelopele Prison warder caught smuggling weed

In the video which Daily Sun has seen, three fellow warders are seen pinning down one of their own on the ground.

All the men in the video are in uniform . . .

The frantic bust official can be heard saying: “You’re not my father.

“I’ve lost respect for you. I don’t see any problem here.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why do you beat me? I’m not your son.”

While trying to fight free from the good officials, the warder’s waist can be seen wrapped with black plastic which has various types of contraband.

It’s not yet clear what kind of other substances he’d concealed around his waist apart from the dagga. The upset warder who’d pinned the official down says: “You’re irresponsible!”

The department said it was aware of the incident. Spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said he knew about the video.

He said: “It was an internal operation following a tip-off and our officials acted with necessary speed and successfully nabbed the culprit.

“The investigation is ongoing and the delinquent individual is currently on suspension.”

Nxumalo said the department made it its duty to root out criminal behaviour among those who tainted its standing and reputation.

“We refuse to allow a few rotten apples to reverse the gains we’ve achieved,” he said.

“Errant officials involved in smuggling and other offences are not shown any mercy.”

-Daily Sun

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