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SA lockdown: KZN Sadtu & DA say no to primary school pupils returning at the same time

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu-Natal said on Wednesday their assessments suggested that it would be impossible to adhere to COVID-19 regulations if all primary school pupils were allowed back in school at the same time.

Primary school pupils nationwide are expected to resume daily classes from Monday.

However, issues like social distancing and access to water remain a concern in rural and densely populated areas.

The DA’s Imraan Keeka said the supply of personal protective equipment remained a major concern.

“And our own observations are that protocols are not followed at schools. I visited a school where they had no sanitiser, and they did not wash their hands.”

Sadtu’s Nomarashiya Caluza said they were worried about overcrowded schools.

“The department has to deploy mobile classes so that there can be social distance. We don’t have that and we have not seen that.”

The provincial education department, however, insists that schools will be ready to resume full classes, saying safety measures have been implemented to protect learners.


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