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Priddy Ugly reveals why he can’t rely on law enforcement

Priddy Ugly shares one of his experiences that made him lose trust in law enforcement in South Africa. The rapper recounts how a neighbour was attacked by thugs but the police came late to the scene intentionally.
Years back, thugs broke into my neighbours house. We heard screams next door & called the police. The criminals took what they could & fled. 20 mins later, ADT arrived on the scene. 1 hour later, the police arrived,” he wrote.

Priddy Ugly

The police disclosed why they came late, which made Priddy decalre that he can’t rely on them for the safety of himself and his family.

Priddy Ugly

“When we asked the police why they took so long to arrive. The one police lady said: “Would you rather have us arrive on time & risk a shoot out?? That’s why you should have home insurance so the criminals can take what they need to & you can just claim for it – us arriving late, keeps everyone alive, we’re scared too” I knew then, that I could never rely on ‘law enforcement’ for mine & my family’s safety.

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