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Elderly woman left injured in Pretoria robbery

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Kruger said the victim reported the suspect was in his 20s. An elderly woman was allegedly left injured in the Moot during a robbery on Saturday, Rekordmoot reports.

According to Willie Kruger from the Moot CPF, the incident occurred at around 10 am on 23rd Avenue.

“When the woman who was attacked requested urgent assistance on a Whatsapp group, I, as a member of the Moot CPF, immediately responded to the address as the victim claimed to have been attacked with a knife in her house,” Kruger said.

“I went inside and found the victim standing at the back of the house with bandages on her left leg.”

Kruger said the victim reported the suspect was in his 20s.

Kruger said according to reports the man tried to stab the victim with a steak knife after she had unexpectedly startled him.

“He was inside the house busy taking jewellery items. On startling him he immediately launched at her with a steak knife he had in his possession,” he said.

“When she screamed and tried to run away from the intruder, she was bitten by one of her own dogs.”

Kruger said this led the suspect to dropping his knife and escaping. He said the woman was able to receive medical attention for the dog bite.

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