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Exotic Pretoria dancer hits back at women accusing her of stealing their men

Exotic dancer, Darlene Mofokeng, said she’s tired of taking the way women talk about her lying down.

“Let’s not forget that you have daughters and you don’t know what the future holds for them,” she said.


She told the publication it wasn’t her problem that men loved her the most when she performed.

She said that women should stop acting like she dragged their men out of bed to watch her perform.

This comes after videos of her performances went viral on social media and she’s been ripped apart by women all day long.

The 25-year-old Darling the Pandemic, real name Darlene Mofokeng, said she’s been an exotic dancer since August last year.

But she wasn’t getting many gigs, so her boyfriend of six years suggested she spices up her show by wearing lingerie when performing.

“I didn’t hesitate. I trust my man because he has my best interests at heart,” said Darling the Pandemic.

But as her fame increased, so did her hate mail. She said when she dances, she allows her fans to touch her wherever they want.

“Women must stop thinking they’re entitled to talk to me as they please,” she said.

“As an entertainer, I have to make people happy. Those men are the reason why I get so many bookings, so all those jealous women must just relax.

“Tomorrow life may change for the worst for you and you’d have no choice but to do certain things.”

The dancer, who also has musical interests, said her musical inspiration comes from Vusi Ma R5, who’s well known in Pretoria.

“Artist, Jingles, assisted me with connecting me with well-known artists like Mapentane.

Otherwise, me and my producers, Cee Are Why and Crazy Bee SA, have been making magic together when it comes to my music,” she said.

She advises women to stop judging her because they don’t know why she does this.

“I’m raising two children and I need to put food on the table,” she said.

The dancer’s boyfriend, Tumiso Lekoto (30), also known as Bra Twist, said: “You need to fully support your woman, no matter what she does.”

Manager of Funky Inn, France Mashele, told the publication that since he started working with Darling the Pandemic, his place is always full. and when she’s not there people ask about her.

“People just love the energy she gives on stage and men love her the most,” he said. She always gives her performance everything she’s got and the love she gives to people is endless,” he said.

-daily sun

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