Here is why pregnant women should have yoghurt

Yogurt is not only tasty, but is also healthy, especially for pregnant women. And reinstating this fact is the results of a new study, which suggests that yogurt containing probiotic bacteria may protect children and pregnant women against heavy metal exposure.

The researchers found a significant protective effect of it against mercury and arsenic in pregnant women. According to lead researcher Gregor Reid, this is important as ‘reduction in these compounds in the mothers could presumably decrease negative developmental effects in their foetus and newborns’.

The researchers created and distributed a special yogurt containing lactobacillus rhamnosus bacteria and observed the outcomes against a control group.

Their lab research indicated that the bacteria had a great affinity for binding toxic heavy metals. The results obtained in the children studied showed benefits like lowering toxin levels.

Some more reasons why they must include it in their diet

Pregnant women need a whole lot of calcium reserve as the foetus in their wombs uses this calcium to grow and develop their body structure. Yogurt is extremely rich in calcium and is a great way to build bones.

Yogurt is also abundant in folic acid and proteins. Most importantly, the good bacteria in this diary product prevents stomach upset and yeast infections, thus soothing a pregnant woman’s tummy.

Quick ways to enjoy your fix:

– Nothing can taste better than plain yogurt. Have it as it is to enjoy its flavour.

– You can also blend it with fruits and vegetables to make yummy smoothies.

– Yogurt can be used as a substitute for sour cream and mayo in sandwiches and salads. Not only is it healthy, but is also low in calories.

– You can also layer your cereals with yogurt and add fruits to it for a healthy snacking option.

Source: eNCA

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