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Eskom warns power system still vulnerable ahead of power cuts today

Eskom will implement load shedding at 8 am this morning.

The country will have to put up with stage one blackouts until 4 pm and after that, stage two will kick in ahead of the evening peak.

The utility is warning that its system remains vulnerable and unreliable, meaning you can expect outages again on Wednesday.


In other news – Actress Letoya Makhene testifies how so good her lesbian lover Lebo is in bed

It seems actress Letoya Makhene is fed up with all the “questionable” comments and personal questions from strangers ever since she and businesswoman Lebogang Keswa went public about their romance.

Letoya Makhene and her Bae

Taking to social media, the Generations: The Legacy actress made a mini public announcement to all the men who flood her DMs, TL, and comments section, asking her what was “so special” about Lebo that she’s dating her instead of men. Learn More

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