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I kissed a woman growing up – Actress Letoya Makhene on how she turned lesbian & meeting Lebo

Letoya Makhene

They have only been dating for three months, but Lebo Ketswa (44) and Letoya Makhene (35) are clearly happy and satisfied with each other.

When she met Lebo, Letoya said she wasn’t hunting for love and it did happen by chance for her to meet someone special.

“I truly never saw this coming,” she told Drum magazine recently.

Her love life made headlines, it had been a centre for attraction and while she has received some support, she also had her fair share of attacks on social media with some telling her that her relationship with another woman was unAfrican and therefore wrong.

“I have mastered the art of shutting the world out. As long as I am centred with God, nothing else matters. I fell sorry for judgemental people who throw Bible verses my way,” she said adding that she did not think dating a woman was for her.

Letoya Makhene

“Sure I kiss a woman growing up being naughty and playful, but I never thought I would date a woman. I am happy and unashamed. She is a queen and makes me feel like a queen,” she said.

The two met in February this year when Blondie was invited to give a keynote address and to perform at Lebo’s grandmother’s 99th birthday.

“I was with my dad for the weekend and when we are together, he drags me along to everything,” Letoya said. She engaged in a conversation with Lebo and they clicked at once. And it was Blondie who set the ball rolling.

“When we arrived home, my dad told me that Lebo said she would be his daughter-in-law soon. I thought that was strange,” said Letoya adding that she noted how her father had bonded so well with Lebo to the extent that she told him what she felt.

Letoya was not impressed or interested at first, but to her surprise she found herself talking to her every day.

Lebo has a BA in journalism from Rhodes University and she is a CEO of Leboswa Investiments, which focuses on helping and empowering black women.

“We have a lot in common, Lebo works with abuse survivors and my history with abuse gave us a lot to talk about,” she said.

Letoya Makhene

She once opened up on Enhle Mbali’s online talk show that she had gone through some abuse at the hands of her former partner.

Letoya told Drum magazine that a lot of people do not understand her, as they think she is that type who is hard to maintain.

She said it only took a good conversation to bring her and Lebo together.

“One moment we were friends, then it developed,” she said adding that she can’t really tell as to how long they had been dating.

“I think I have been struggling to grasp my feelings. I kept asking myself why I was feeling this way about a woman,” said adding that by the third week liked to be in her life.

She also revealed how her children love Lebo, though she was hesitant to introduce Lebo to them at first.

She was surprised when her 9-year-old child asked her if she was a les’ while her eldest daughter said she thought they were just friends.

She talks with them about her relationship and how they feel about it. She said her children and Leno’s went along well as one big family.

She is also working on music. “This time away from Generations has helped me relaunch myself as a musician,” she said, adding that despite being well paid by the soapie, she would love to focus on music, her talent, and first love.

She released a single, Ngihawukele, in April this year, which she described as an extension of her work as a healer.

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