Four interesting things you can use potato peels for

According to many food experts, potatoes are the most popular and probably the most consumed vegetable of them all.

Whether you have them in their natural form or enjoy them as chips, you will admit that potatoes have that thing, right?

According to The-Health-Site, there are a lot of health benefits of eating and using potato peels, also known as jackets.

While we may enjoy them peeled, the publication shares the following reasons to not throw away your potato peels:

1. Helps in Weight Loss

We all know that potatoes are rich in carbohydrates that play a key role in improving your weight. However, potato peels contain minimal amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium. This is the reason why potato peels can be an interesting part of your weight-loss diet plan.

2. Protects Against Cancer

Potato skin is rich in phytochemicals that possess powerful antioxidant activity. In addition to this, it also contains high amounts of chlorogenic acid that binds with carcinogen (cancer-causing compound) and therefore, protects the body against cancer.

3. Prevents Skin Burns

One effective, yet simple, home remedy to heal skin burns is potato peels. In addition to acting as a potent antibacterial agent, they also moisturize the skin and work better than conventional dressings against minor burns.

4. Great For Your Garden

According to garden experts, potato peels can be used as fertilizer only if composted. Potato skins are rich in nutrients for plants but should be composted carefully before returning to the soil.

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