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Video of police officer beating up other cops goes viral

A video that is circulating on social media of a cop attacking other officers in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, has left many people shocked.

In the video, he starts by talking and when other officers try to talk to him, he starts assaulting them.

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said they were aware of the video.


“The member has been referred to a medical facility for assistance and while this is being attended to, an internal investigation is underway,” he said.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokeswoman Grace Langa said the matter did not fall under its mandate, therefore they were not investigating the case.

“The reason we say the matter does not fall under our mandate is that the officer seen assaulting his colleagues was wearing a uniform but off-duty. This means he committed the assault not in the execution of his duties as outlined in the Ipid Act,” said Langa.

Resident Sibongiseni Mdingi said police officers were going through a lot.

“Is it not depression? Because there is no way a person could decide to act like that. Something must have led to that incident,” said Mdingi, urging people to stop sharing the video.

“I do not understand people who are sharing that video, let alone those laughing and saying nasty things about the officer.”

Another resident said people were sick.

“We are all going through a lot. It’s a pity other people don’t have anyone to talk to. I wish the officer well.”

-daily sun

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