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Watch – Dogs save baby from poisonous cobra

One of the Daschunds has subsequently died. Two dogs are being lauded as heroes after they selflessly attacked a poisonous cobra that was attempting to enter the home where a family baby was sleeping.

CCTV footage has revealed a two-year-old white dachshund named Moxie dashing over to the snake and start pawing it as it makes its way toward the door. Older black Daschund Miley then launches into a frenzied attack and picks up the cobra in its jaws.

The snake continues trying to make its way toward the front door, but the dogs will not leave it alone, teaming up to drag the cobra away from the front door by its tail.

After a battle lasting two minutes the snake finally dies, lying still, but Miley succumbed to the cobra’s poisonous bit soon after. Moxie too has not been left unscarred, as is now blind after receiving a full dose of the snake’s venom in her eyes.

In a moving Facebook post, baby Skye’s father, Jaime Selim, thanked the dogs for looking after their baby.

“My wife and I were out for work. When we arrived, our helper told us what happened and reviewed the cameras. We were shocked but also so proud of the dogs,” he said.

Adding, “I can’t thank my dogs enough for protecting my baby Skye. We will miss Miley so much.”

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