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15 Latest Pictures of Zodwa Wabantu that almost broke the Internet

15 Latest Pictures of Zodwa Wabantu that almost broke the Internet. It all started last year when Zodwa Wabantu shocked everyone with her dress at the Vodacom Durban July. This year though she has stepped up her game and is even showing more than she showed last year. She already promised that she won’t be wearing any undies and here is the proof.

This is what one article had to say about Zodwa Wabantus Vodacom Durban July dressing. She made a lot of headlines with that dress. Some also noticed the man who was with him:

After she stole the show actually to say she stole the show is an understatement! After owning the  Vodacom Durban July for the second year running. Thanks to her amazing dress wonderfully designed, the Mzansi and Eyadini Lounge Dancer took over Durban July 2018 when she walked onto the turf…

And this year it was a bit different because this time around she was being escorted by her handsome boyfriend and oh my they rocked. She was with him all the time she appeared, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Although the main focus was on Zodwa Wabantu you couldn’t ignore the man who was always next to her.

Now we all know that Zodwa will continue to make headlines whenever she goes and performs. So we decided to do a little #TBT of 15 Latest Pictures of Zodwa Wabantu that almost broke the Internet. Hope you are going to enjoy and with Zodwa Wabantu you are always in for a treat…CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES

Recent show PerformanceZodwa Wabantu


Vodacom Durban July DressZodwa Wabantu at Durban July 2018

The dress that sealed it allzodwa Wabantu Durban July 2018

JLo type of styleZodwa Wabantu at Durban July 2018

Eyadini settingsZodwa Wabantu at Eyadini Lounge

Free Spirited ZodwaZodwa Wabantu

One leg upZodwa wabantu

The dresses always on pointZodwa Wabantu

Decent Zodwa WabantuZodwa Wabantu in Cape Town

Doing what she does bestZodwa Wabantu dancing naked

Chilling Zodwa Wabantu

With the boss DJ Tirazodwa wabantu

These type of poses her fans love Zodwa Wabantu


With the man who stole her heartZodwa Wabantu Durban July 2018


Last but not leastZodwa Wabantu

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