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In Pics: Resego Tshabadira, fitness bunny who has gone viral on social media

In Pics: Resego Tshabadira, fitness bunny who has gone viral on social media. Pictures of this fitness bunny started circulating on social media a few days ago and they have since gone viral on Facebook, WhatsApp and even on Twitter. So we decided to look for this lady and see if we could find out more of her pictures and know more about her of course.

So this is what we have gathered and come to of her so far…

Resego Tshabadira

She is a fitness trainer and she likes to keep her body in good shape. She goes by the nickname of Pumpkin Tshabadira, she is a fitness and Video Vixen babe and she is Pear-shaped too as you can see in pictures below…

Resego Tshabadira

She likes to show off her curvaceous body and we like it. I know all men will agree with me on this one…

Resego Tshabadira

She is always in good mood that’s why she always smiles in most of her pictures…

Resego Tshabadira

Remember these? These are some of the pictures that went viral on social media

Resego Tshabadira

All we can say is that going to the gym surely yields positive results…stay slaying ma…

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