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People still think I’m Tebogo: Fezile Makhanya

Kea Khoza

It may have been two months since seasoned actor Fezile Makhanya left his role as Tebogo on The Queen, but he still gets stopped by angry fans wanting to vent about his character.

Tebogo had the whole country grabbing their pitchforks to come after him when the character abused his partner on the popular soapie. Eventually, Tebogo was killed off and the nation was at ease again.

Fezile Makhanya

But speaking to TshisaLIVE this week, Fezile said that like bubblegum on the bottom of his shoes, his character has stuck.

“This is the first role in my 15 years in the industry that I can say matured me as an actor. I feel like I have stepped up another level but people still think I’m Tebogo. The other day I was at a department and these women started screaming at me: ‘what are you doing here? I hated your role and vowed if I ever met you I would slap you but you’re so nice. I’m conflicted.'”


While fans have been dying to see where he is going to surface next, Fezile said that he had turned down several other opportunities after leaving The Queen because they did not challenge him the way the soapie had.

Tebogo TheQueenMzansi

“Fortunately, I have got to a point in my career where I don’t have to entirely rely on work in the entertainment industry so I can do projects that I feel add value to me and challenge me. I want people to take me seriously now, because of Tebogo. I was approached but I thought it was a little flat and not what I was looking for.”

Kea Khoza



He hinted at a new gig in a movie but said that he was taking his time with a TV return, “until something came around that was right.” Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting with the remote and working on our anger issues.

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