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This is why people in relationships sleep better than those who are single

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Sleep is one of the most important necessities of human life and more often than not, it’s taken for granted.

Experts continue to argue about how many hours of sleep we need to have.

But according to a latest report, couples or people in relationships enjoy better sleep.

Firstly, it’s what they call the “Cuddle Chemical’.

Oxytocin is a chemical compound produced in the brain that prompts feelings of empathy, trust, relaxation, and reduced anxiety.

Levels of oxytocin rise when we make physical contact with another human being.

So when you jump into bed and spoon with your bae, the chemical is released and you feel calm and protected.

Secondly, it’s the element of proximity.

One study from the University of Utah found an increase in reported sleep issues when people are temporarily separated from their bed partner due to business-related travel, for an example.

Another multi-year study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that women in stable, long-term relationships slept better than single women or women who had a change in their sleeping arrangement.

-daily sun

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