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Pearl Thusi living luxurious life amid Lockdown

Pearl Thusi

Being thankful is the beginning of knowledge! Queen Sono‘s star Pearl Thusi, has expressed how grateful she is to have space and her luxuries amid #lockdownSA. The actress said, she refuses to be judgemental to those who are living below the breadline.

Pearl Thusi

In a series of tweets, Pearl said to her fans, they must speak kindly of those who are homeless during this time.

The government has however been trying to make provisional plans, to accommodate some in shelters and schools but, some have been seen roaming on the streets feeling hopeless.

Pearl weighed in and said, she hoped the government would do something to lend a helping hand by providing food parcels, water, and electricity to those who have been left vulnerable.

Pearl Thusi

But one tweep dragged her. The troll said she hoped celebrities too were going to team up, and do something.

Pearl being a queen of clap back, said they have black tax too to pay for because their families think, they are making big bucks.

Pearl also took some time to caution her fans, against haters who constantly spew bile on them that, they must not allow them, but they should let them drown in their hateful acid and hopefully be reborn again during the lockdown.

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Actress, TV Entrepreneur and rapper Boity Thulo‘s army had to come to her defense after she got dragged for going grocery shopping this past weekend during the national lockdown implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Boity Thulo

Boity decided to share a bit about her shopping experience on Twitter to help show people how different shopping is under the lockdown. continue reading

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